Best kids in the whole world!

It’s getting late and I’m reflecting on this Father’s day. I have the best kids in the whole world. They are willingly helpful and like to have fun. The day was perfect, filled with sunshine and a slight breeze. Time after church was spent water sealing our old picnic table and benches with my two youngest’s help.

2014-06-15 13.59.08The time filled with conversation and laughter. David and Caroline told me how much they love to paint which translates to loving to spend time with dad. When the bulk of staining was over, at least in their minds, they were off and on to something else leaving me to take care of the harder parts like the legs and underside.

Earlier, my youngest proudly presented me with with a card she made in Children’s church. On the card was a drawing of a tie and fill in the blanks like “My dad’s favorite food is bacon“,  “Me and my dad love to eat food” and “I love my dad because he prays with me“.  You can bet the card is proudly displayed on the refrigerator.

Ethan mowed most of the grass for me today. To me this is a big deal because I am usually the only one who mows. I have to confess. I actually I like mowing the grass, always have even as a kid. It gives me time to think. Lately it has been more difficult for me to mow on a schedule due to work. Ethan mowing was a definite blessing to me.

Lastly, David made me corn muffins after dinner. For some reason this is something this kid loves to do. Not baking mind you, just baking corn muffins.

Besides all the hugs, kisses, and happy Father’s Day’s, you just can’t beat a child’s display of affection. Even though each child has their own way of displaying that affection, we got stuff done and spent time together.

How are your kids the best kids in the whole world?

Until next time,



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Crispy roasted chickpeas

I’m always on the look out for a good healthy snack. I found a recipe for Crispy Roasted ChickPeas over at Steamy Kitchen. And that is what I am making tonight.

Crispy roasted chickpeas

Crispy roasted chickpeas covered with olive oil before placing in oven.

I will be seasoning with a blend of sea salt, garlic, pepper, and N’Oleans cajun.

Crispy roasted chickpeas

Crispy roasted chickpeas covered with seasoning after roasting.

There it is. The final product. Nutty tasting and seasoned to perfection. What a nice healthy snack.

Do you have a recipe for a quick healthy snack?

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Swim lessons in a pond

I went hiking yesterday with my two youngest children. We were at the YMCA where their older brother was taking karate lessons. We wondered down to the pond which is on the grounds and I took a small hike down memory lane.

Swimming Pond

As I looked at this pond, I was taken back over thirty-five years to a time before the YMCA existed. This was known as Deer Path Park and this pond, now reshaped a bit, was where I took swimming lessons.

A dock jutted out from where this photograph was taken and you can still see some pylons in the background.  The little shed was where the gear was kept.  I remember how icy cold the water felt on those early summer days. We were taught to splash water on ourselves to get used to it. How I hated that cold water.

As I got older there were many rural ponds, lakes, and rivers that I swam in. This is where it all started.

As we continued on our adventure, I reflected back on that time with a smile in my heart. Those were good days.

Do you have memories like these that warm your heart?



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Coffee BBQ Sauce

This is a very good Coffee BBQ sauce recipe that I got from @MisterGCoffee  In fact I’ll be making it in a few minutes.  I thought I would re-post so you can make it too.

BBQ Sauce

Coffee BBQ Sauce
1 c. Ketchup
3T cider vinegar
4 T brown sugar
3 T yellow mustard
1 tsp liquid smoke
1/2 c very strong french press coffee
Dash Tabasco sauce

Combine all ingredients except coffee in saucepan and simmer for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, add coffee and cool to room temperature.

Do you have a favorite BBQ sauce recipe?

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No Meat

A little over a year ago my design team went to Georgia to meet with our southern design team. One evening while we were there we all went out for dinner to one of those famed BBQ restaurants. One of my coworkers doesn’t eat beef unless it is ceremonially clean. And pork is a no no. He will usually order fish when we go out.


The waitress came out and took our orders. Most of us ordered BBQ ribs. This particular fellow placed his order with a side of chili and asked, “Is there meat in it?”

“No meat.”, responded the waitress.

“OK, I’ll have the chili.”

We sit around and wait for our orders. First salads come out and this fellow’s chili. He looks at it and asks the waitress, “Are you sure there’s no meat in it?”

“No meat.”, she responds.

Sticking a spoon in it and inspecting the chili further, he inquires of us, “This looks like meat, doesn’t it?”

To me it looks like hamburger meat. But we all say to him, “Just eat it.”

Agian the waitress comes out with more of our meal and he asks, “Are you sure there’s no meat in this?”

She responds, “I don’t eat meat either. There’s no meat in it.”

He has a real upset look on his face. He wants to eat the chili, but it sure looks like there is meat in it.

The waitress finishes bringing the rest of the orders out and again he flags her down, “Are you positive there is no meat in this? I don’t eat meat.”

And she responds back, “No meat. Just beef.”

What? We all chuckle to ourselves and this poor fellow’s jaw drops to the floor. As the waitress walked away there was a round of uncontrollable laughter. The memory causes me to laugh out loud every time. LOL!

I could write volumes on funny work antics.

Do you have  funny work experience you would like to share?


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For the long haul

Ever since I began juicing on Christmas morning 2011, I have gradually been switching over to a more plant based, raw food diet. My fridge is stocked with various kinds of vegetables now. The top shelf is completely full as well as the bottom two drawers. There are three bowls filled with apples, pears, oranges, limes, lemons, and bananas on the table.

Fridge full of veggies


The benefits of juicing so far have been

  • I have lost 23 pounds and counting
  • Feeling generally better over all
  • I haven’t been sick since Christmas
  • I am Healthy
  • Hooked up with a number of like minded folks via social media
  • And just plain liking it
  • Monica is getting into it

It also seems that as I have been juicing for breakfast every morning, I have lost a desire for crappy food. Food that is processed has very little appeal any longer as well as soda, and sweet drinks. Strange, but Monica and I used to have a diet soda with crackers and cheese almost every night as a snack. No longer.

My desire for meat and dairy has also lessened. This is something that is curious to me. I did not start out wanting to cut meat and dairy out of my diet, it just happened as a result of getting the proper nutrients that my body needs. Now don’t get me wrong, I will still have the occasional BBQ’ed london broil, but it will be fewer and far between. For now.

I can honestly say that I am in it for the long haul.

What has your experience with juicing been like?


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Up with the birds

It was a very warm night last night for mid April so I was able to sleep with the windows open. One of my very favorite sounds is that of birds singing as dawn approaches. I don’t mind. I love awakening to a beautiful symphony. First there are a couple of peeps here and there. Then a few more chirps and warbles. Then the full orchestration ensues as the whole bird community sings to the rising of the sun.

Birds chirping

There’s a healing and calming effect as the birds joyfully sing. Time to wake up with the birds.

Do you like awakening to the beautiful sounds of creation?

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Steamed Lunch

Today I made steamed rice with bok choy, yu choy, and carrots. It is very easy to do in a rice steamer. Just add all the ingredients and it’s done.

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Veggies from the Asian Market

Today I took a trip to the Asian Market to pick up some veggies for juicing.

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Do you like cilantro

Enjoyed a nice healthy green juice with cilantro this morning. Love the crisp clean freshness that cilantro adds. Cilantro is said to have a natural chelation affect. Chelation is the ability to remove heavy metals from the body such as mercury and lead.

Cilantro is a good source vitamin C and chlorophyll. Also, it is traditionally used to aid in digestion, the stimulation of appetite, and has been used for reducing muscle stiffness and arthritis.

I mostly love the flavor it contributes to my morning juice.

Green Juice

Juice today is

  • Fresh Cilantro
  • Kale
  • Collard Greens
  • Cucumber
  • Ginger Root
  • Celery
  • Carrot
  • Lemon
  • Pear
  • Apple


Do you like cilantro as part of your morning juice?

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