No Meat

A little over a year ago my design team went to Georgia to meet with our southern design team. One evening while we were there we all went out for dinner to one of those famed BBQ restaurants. One of my coworkers doesn’t eat beef unless it is ceremonially clean. And pork is a no no. He will usually order fish when we go out.


The waitress came out and took our orders. Most of us ordered BBQ ribs. This particular fellow placed his order with a side of chili and asked, “Is there meat in it?”

“No meat.”, responded the waitress.

“OK, I’ll have the chili.”

We sit around and wait for our orders. First salads come out and this fellow’s chili. He looks at it and asks the waitress, “Are you sure there’s no meat in it?”

“No meat.”, she responds.

Sticking a spoon in it and inspecting the chili further, he inquires of us, “This looks like meat, doesn’t it?”

To me it looks like hamburger meat. But we all say to him, “Just eat it.”

Agian the waitress comes out with more of our meal and he asks, “Are you sure there’s no meat in this?”

She responds, “I don’t eat meat either. There’s no meat in it.”

He has a real upset look on his face. He wants to eat the chili, but it sure looks like there is meat in it.

The waitress finishes bringing the rest of the orders out and again he flags her down, “Are you positive there is no meat in this? I don’t eat meat.”

And she responds back, “No meat. Just beef.”

What? We all chuckle to ourselves and this poor fellow’s jaw drops to the floor. As the waitress walked away there was a round of uncontrollable laughter. The memory causes me to laugh out loud every time. LOL!

I could write volumes on funny work antics.

Do you have  funny work experience you would like to share?


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