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Best kids in the whole world!

It’s getting late and I’m reflecting on this Father’s day. I have the best kids in the whole world. They are willingly helpful and like to have fun. The day was perfect, filled with sunshine and a slight breeze. Time after church was … Continue reading

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Crispy roasted chickpeas

I’m always on the look out for a good healthy snack. I found a recipe for Crispy Roasted ChickPeas over at Steamy Kitchen. And that is what I am making tonight. I will be seasoning with a blend of sea … Continue reading

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Swim lessons in a pond

I went hiking yesterday with my two youngest children. We were at the YMCA where their older brother was taking karate lessons. We wondered down to the pond which is on the grounds and I took a small hike down … Continue reading

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Coffee BBQ Sauce

This is a very good Coffee BBQ sauce recipe that I got from @MisterGCoffee  In fact I’ll be making it in a few minutes.  I thought I would re-post so you can make it too. Coffee BBQ Sauce 1 c. Ketchup 3T … Continue reading

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No Meat

A little over a year ago my design team went to Georgia to meet with our southern design team. One evening while we were there we all went out for dinner to one of those famed BBQ restaurants. One of … Continue reading

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For the long haul

Ever since I began juicing on Christmas morning 2011, I have gradually been switching over to a more plant based, raw food diet. My fridge is stocked with various kinds of vegetables now. The top shelf is completely full as … Continue reading

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Up with the birds

It was a very warm night last night for mid April so I was able to sleep with the windows open. One of my very favorite sounds is that of birds singing as dawn approaches. I don’t mind. I love … Continue reading

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Steamed Lunch

Today I made steamed rice with bok choy, yu choy, and carrots. It is very easy to do in a rice steamer. Just add all the ingredients and it’s done.

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Veggies from the Asian Market

Today I took a trip to the Asian Market to pick up some veggies for juicing.

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Do you like cilantro

Enjoyed a nice healthy green juice with cilantro this morning. Love the crisp clean freshness that cilantro adds. Cilantro is said to have a natural chelation affect. Chelation is the ability to remove heavy metals from the body such as mercury and … Continue reading

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