Best kids in the whole world!

It’s getting late and I’m reflecting on this Father’s day. I have the best kids in the whole world. They are willingly helpful and like to have fun. The day was perfect, filled with sunshine and a slight breeze. Time after church was spent water sealing our old picnic table and benches with my two youngest’s help.

2014-06-15 13.59.08The time filled with conversation and laughter. David and Caroline told me how much they love to paint which translates to loving to spend time with dad. When the bulk of staining was over, at least in their minds, they were off and on to something else leaving me to take care of the harder parts like the legs and underside.

Earlier, my youngest proudly presented me with with a card she made in Children’s church. On the card was a drawing of a tie and fill in the blanks like “My dad’s favorite food is bacon“,  “Me and my dad love to eat food” and “I love my dad because he prays with me“.  You can bet the card is proudly displayed on the refrigerator.

Ethan mowed most of the grass for me today. To me this is a big deal because I am usually the only one who mows. I have to confess. I actually I like mowing the grass, always have even as a kid. It gives me time to think. Lately it has been more difficult for me to mow on a schedule due to work. Ethan mowing was a definite blessing to me.

Lastly, David made me corn muffins after dinner. For some reason this is something this kid loves to do. Not baking mind you, just baking corn muffins.

Besides all the hugs, kisses, and happy Father’s Day’s, you just can’t beat a child’s display of affection. Even though each child has their own way of displaying that affection, we got stuff done and spent time together.

How are your kids the best kids in the whole world?

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