High Five 235

High Five 235. That is a very good number for me. It signifies an achievement of something I’ve been striving for for years. It is a goal that until recently has been unattainable for me.

High Five

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As many who know me, I’ve been juicing since Christmas 2011. Monica and I watched a documentary that change my way of thinking. That’s a whole post in and of itself. It’s been three months now. Juicing is taking vegetables and running them through a machine to extract only the juice and then consuming the concentrated liquid. Many do it for health reasons. I am doing it for health and as an experiment.

At the start I weighed 253 pounds and felt miserable. I’ve been trying to lose that weight for many years. I tried many different “diets” if you will. Sure, my weight would go down to around 240. 240 was easy. I could usually get there, but that’s where I would plateau.  Then make the slow rise back up again.

Back to juicing. After about a month, I hit the 240 mark, and that’s where I stuck again. Once in a while it would dip, 238, 241, 240, 239, etc. But that was it.  I decided to continue to juice and add a raw fruit and veggie Thursday to my routine. I am feeling much better. I can’t say I have an abundance of energy like all the hype about juicing will tell you, but I do have more.

This past Saturday, March 17th, I hit 235. High Five 235!

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