Swim lessons in a pond

I went hiking yesterday with my two youngest children. We were at the YMCA where their older brother was taking karate lessons. We wondered down to the pond which is on the grounds and I took a small hike down memory lane.

Swimming Pond

As I looked at this pond, I was taken back over thirty-five years to a time before the YMCA existed. This was known as Deer Path Park and this pond, now reshaped a bit, was where I took swimming lessons.

A dock jutted out from where this photograph was taken and you can still see some pylons in the background.  The little shed was where the gear was kept.  I remember how icy cold the water felt on those early summer days. We were taught to splash water on ourselves to get used to it. How I hated that cold water.

As I got older there were many rural ponds, lakes, and rivers that I swam in. This is where it all started.

As we continued on our adventure, I reflected back on that time with a smile in my heart. Those were good days.

Do you have memories like these that warm your heart?



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  1. Wyethlight says:

    Back when I took swim lessons here, it was known as Batz’ Pond and there was an actual pool area off the left side that isn’t in this picture.  Beginners lessons were in the pool portion because it was only 3 or 4 ft deep and by advance beginners, you had to jump in the pond side and swim along the elevated deck that separated the pool and pond.  The dock was where lifesaving and jr. lifesaving classes and intermediates were taught.  I loved those days and once I was in HS, the YMCA was built on the property and the Red Cross no longer provided lessons there.  I was a lifeguard at the YMCA during my senior year in HS and was always a little disappointed that the YMCA took over the property.  The original roadway that went back to the pond had houses and an orchard.  The people that owned the orchard would sell winesap apple drops by the large paper grocery bags really cheap.  They were the best apples.

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