The Begining

The Beginning. In thinking about what type of blog I would like to create, many ideas for topics have come up. I could write about coffee, juicing, family life, work life, church, cars, time management, leadership, or just about anything. These topics are covered by many different people already. What would make me so special and who would want to view what I post? Am I trying to sell something? Is there an audience that I am trying to reach? Do I just write about myself and my experiences? These are questions I ask myself. Then I think this – Should I write at all and is my writing good enough?

This last thought is a horrible one. I keeps me away from sharing. Binds me up. Causes doubt in my abilities as a writer. Believe me I struggle.

Me a writer? If the definition of writer is “one who writes”, then yes, I am a writer. I tweet, comment,  post to Facebook, and instant message my wife, friends and family. My skills may not be tuned as one who writes for an occupation, but that will come with time and practice.

I’m not going to answer the questions that I asked above. Not yet anyway. I’m just gonna write and see what unfolds.

I write this to start my journey. This is The Beginning…

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  1. db says:

    Bravo Joe. Keep. It up.

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